EGJ is a custom Remount and Restyling Events Company who has led the market in Canada since 1990.

EGJ is a full service production group who services both large retail jewellery chains as well as the "one store" customer.

All of us here are committed to helping our customers create fine custom designed jewellery that far exceeds their expectations.

We believe that every client deserves to have a unique design that simply represents and belongs to them.


Eric Lau, the owner of EGJ, had a vision 20 years ago when he was working on the bench at one Peoples Jewellers store on Vancouver Island. Eric's vision was a Customer Jewellerly Event company, with global reach, servicing stores across North America.

EGJ has blossomed into three factories and over 200 employees world wide. These advancements coupled with the implementation of integrated communications technology have created a truly unique company.

EGJ is different from all other R&R even companies. This is credited to our network of production factories totally dedicated to the creation of thousands of unique one of a kind jewelry items every year. Each piece reflects the finest quality that a dedicted master craftsman can produce, while meeting and exceeding the customer's expectations every time.

Instead of asking a customer to choose among standard stock styles, we offer a limitless selection by manufacturing exactly what the customer wants. EGJ offers a superb array of styles at our events to demonstrate what is possible and what they are capable of. However, unlike other restyling companies, we remove the limits of the showcase! Anything is possible at an EGJ event.

We can Recycle the old, reinvent the new and envision the final product before it is created . We can make this a reality with technical brilliance and unmatched quality every time!


Eric Goldman Jewellery Ltd.

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Vancouver, B.C. V6N 3C8

Phone: 1-604-738-2778 Fax: 1-604-738-2777

Toll free: 1-888-730-2777

E-Mail: sales@egjgroup.com